INTERREG Austria - Hungary: Age-friendly Region New models to improve quality of life across the Austrian-Hungarian borders

In 2010 the World Health Organisation launched the initiative ‘Age-friendly World’. The vision is to reshape all towns and regions into living spaces in which to grow old. The project ‘Age-friendly Region’ will contribute to bringing this vision to the Austrian-Hungarian border region by improving the situation of older people in need of care. The project will develop new approaches so that older people in need of care and their relatives can better cope within their familiar context to enjoy an appropriate quality of life in old age. 


  • To raise awareness for creating an ‘age-friendly region’ across all relevant stakeholders 
  • To establish case and care management as a model to improve quality of life of older people with long-term care needs, and their families
  • To learn from each other in improving the organisation of long-term care across the Austrian-Hungarian border region.
  • To show evidence for improvements in regional care coordination and mutual learning processes

Workshops and trainings, expert-interviews, stakeholder surveys (ex ante-ex post), clients’ data base, conferences 


  • Mutually agreed definition of the case and care management concept
  • Baseline report
  • Guidelines and standards for case and care management
  • Evaluation report
EU – European Regional Development Fund

Project partners

  • Chance B – Sozialbetriebs-GmbH, AT
  • United Health and Social Care Győr, HU
  • Pálos Károly Social Service Centre and Child Welfare Service, Szombathely, HU
  • Care Centre Zalaegerszeg, HU
  • Fonds Soziales Wien, AT (Supporting Partner)