Die Bedeutung von Kennzahlen im Rahmen des Nationalen Qualitätszertifikats (NQZ) / The Role of Performance Indicators in the Context of the Austrian National Quality Certificate

Over the past few years about 40 Austrian care homes have attained a certification according to the Austrian National Quality Certificate. During this process, the assessment of results has reportedly been one of the major challenges for care home managers and for external auditors. These experiences offer an important basis for identifying and assessing the utilisation of performance indicators by care homes.
The aim of this study is therefore to investigate on the implemented performance indicators by means of an analysis of documentation provided by care homes that have applied for certification. Based on a review of international literature with a focus on progress in measuring quality of life in care homes, the study will contribute to enhanced transparency and user-friendliness by involving relevant stakeholders in interviews and focus groups in the development of recommendations and tangible initiatives for further improvement.

Austrian Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection