Neue Erkenntnisse über Effekte von Downsizing

In this proposal, I suggest projects that look beyond the direct impact on victims of a downsizing episode.
First, I explore whether downsizing has detrimental effects on productivity and the absenteeism of surviving
workers. Second, I investigate the effects on survivors' mental health, using data on burnout and
psychotropic medication utilization for all workers in an Austrian province. Here, we have the unique
opportunity to compare stress-related health problems between victims and survivors of a layoff episode
(and an additional control group drawn from the general population). This has never been studied before.
Third, I investigate non-wage benefits of union-membership, examining whether union membership protects
workers from being laid off during a downsizing episode. The final potential project uses mass layoffs as an
instrument to explore the intergenerational correlation of unemployment, which is highly relevant politically.