Partial weight bearing

eSHOE insoles can be implemented to provide patients with feedback during the early mobilization process after lower body operations to improve their compliance with partial weight bearing limitations.

Mobile gait analysis & therapy progress monitoring

The detection of standard gait parameters in eSHOE’s raw data was a basic requirement. These results have been validated against golden standard methods. From there on out
a proof-of-concept for the monitoring of the therapy progress of hip fracture patients was attempted.


eSHOE was expanded into a distributed system to support the rehabilitation process of stroke patients at home after they left inpatient care in the nationally funded (FFG) research project ‘MISTRAAL’.

by the voluntary commitment of a lot of people & partially funded by the Austrian research promotion agency (FFG) in the form of two cooperative research projects
  • Medizinische Universität Wien
  • Zürcher Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften (ZHAW)
  • Fachhochschule Hagenberg
  • UAS Technikum Wien
  • Technical University of Vienna