Network on Ageing – Ageing and Demographic Change as Challenge and Chance

The Austrian „Network on Ageing – Ageing and Demographic Change as Challenge and Chance” encourages and consolidates the…

  • strategic cooperation and synergies in the research community,
  • interdisciplinary scientific collaboration,
  • connectivity to European programs and initiatives,
  • cooperation and communication between science, policymakers (decision-makers) and public agency in the research on ageing.

Looking at the great challenges and chances of an ageing society, it is a central objective of the “Network on Ageing” to improve the utility of the available knowledge from research and practice.

Key activities

  • development of a national report on the state of the art
  • contact point for partners from research, practice, politics and society
  • Planning and organization of events
  • Summarizing and presenting information on topics relevant in ageing
  • information about activities of European programs and initiatives
  • support of junior researchers in the field of “ageing and demographic change”
  • public relations


The changes of the distribution of age groups in European societies, questions about the influence on the ageing process and age as a stage of life are key issues. In different political and societal areas, options for action how to operate and form the changes in the society are discussed. Some of the relevant fields are family, immigration, education, economy and labour market, old-age security, health and care system, social participation, infrastructure, rural and urban space and living.


The foundation of the network platform “Network on Ageing“ is based on a broad initiative of the BMWFW with the aim to establish national networking platforms for large societal challenges (Grand Challenges) in Austria. The network platform „Network on Ageing – Ageing and Demographic Change as Challenge and Chance” was founded in 2016.


The network platform “Network on Ageing“ is organized and translated by the Austrian Interdisciplinary Platform on Ageing (ÖPIA). ÖPIA was founded as a national interdisciplinary research platform by leading scientists working on questions of ageing and perspectives of an ageing society. ÖPIA is a non-profit, non-party and independent organization. She serves as contact point for national interdisciplinary collaboration and international scientific networking. The managing director is Dr. Georg Ruppe.

Contact ÖPIA:

Dr. Georg Ruppe
Laudongasse 21/10
1080 Wien
Tel. +43 (1) 934 67 66 - 600

Contact Netzwerk Altern:

Mag. Paul Just
Laudongasse 21/10
1080 Wien
Tel. +43 (1) 934 67 66 - 200