Pflegebedarf und Versorgungsmix in Wien Demand for Long-Term Care and Supply-Mix

The project aims to identify patterns of use of care in Vienna based on a series of different assumptions on future developments in the long-term care sector. For that purpose, a number of factors for which data are available are being analyzed. These include information about the type and hours of care used, health status (e.g. level of care need), socio-demographic information (e.g. age, gender), information about socio-economic status (e.g. personal income, district of residence), and contextual factors (e.g. household size, informal carers). The study builds primarily on administrative data for the years 2011 and 2012.

In total, five different groups of users can be distinguished and evaluated: users of residential care services, users of publicly subsidized 24-hours care, users of assisted living facilities, users of home or day care services, and persons receiving cash benefits but no services. The second part of the study builds on the findings from the data analysis to suggest scenarios of long-term care developments in Vienna until 2030.

City of Vienna, MA 24