RIWAG - Reducing Inequality Within and Across Generations

The decade following the aftermath of the 2008 recession and the ongoing Covid19 pandemic are exacerbating the inequality across socioeconomic groups not just in respect to income and wealth but also in respect to health and longevity. The aim of this project is to provide a unified framework for studying and mitigating the economic and demographic consequences of increasing inequality in European countries. To do so, the RIWAG project pursues several important objectives:
1. To construct a rich life-cycle model to trace out how initial heterogeneity is transmitted into unequal behaviours and outcomes over the lifecycle.
2. To study how different policies lead to different dynamics over the lifecycle and how this affects intra-generational inequality.
3. To integrate the life-cycle model into a general equilibrium framework to study how inequality evolves across cohorts (inter-generational inequality).
4. To explore the scope for policy-making in mitigating inequality within and across cohorts.

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