COST Action on Ageism conference - Interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach: key to address the complexity of ageism

On October 26, COST Action IS1402 on Ageism, AGE Platform Europe and the Committee of the Regions organized an international event to advocate for a future world for all ages, in which age is no longer a barrier. This event summarizes the work done on the topic of ageism by more than 200 researchers and policy stakeholders from 35 different countries, as part of a COST Action on ageism.

Relying on a multi-dimensional and multi-sectorial approach, the COST Action on Ageism conference addressed the many different aspects of ageism, showing the complexity of age-based discrimination and its unknown individual and societal impacts.

The main objective of this final meeting was threefold:
Present the outcomes of the COST Action on Ageism to national and sub-national policymakers responsible for providing services and developing programmes targeting older citizens
Increase awareness to the topic of ageism and present solutions to combat ageism at grass-root level.
Facilitate action to reduce ageism through policy and legislations

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