Measuring the outcomes of care homes: Final report

Netten, A., Beadle-Brown, J., Trukeschitz, B., Towers, A.-M., Welch, E., Forder, J., Smith, J., Alden, E.
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PSSRU (Personal Social Service Research Unit)

An accurate, low-burden means of measuring and monitoring quality-adjusted outputs of publicly-funded social care services would provide a valuable tool that would allow a variety of stakeholders to evaluate productivity and value for money of social care interventions and how these are changing over time. It is essential that any such measure  should reflect as far as possible the main objectives of social care: improved well-being and quality of life for service users. This study was testing the application of a general framework for establishing quality adjusted outputs or the value of care provided to one of the most resource intensive groups: residents of care homes. Ideally, in linking this to information that could be made available as part of the regulatory process, burden would be minimised and the value of information collected increased. The innovative approach to measuring outcome was applied across different and challenging service user groups.