Expert Workshop on Differential Mortality

Statistics Austria, Vienna

Within the international research project FACTAGE, Statistics Austria is responsible, inter alia, for methodological developments and analyses of socio-economic differences in mortality based on longitudinal sample survey data. From 15 to 17 March 2017, Statistics Austria hosted the FACTAGE expert workshop on differential mortality. Around 20 invited international experts participated together with institutional stakeholders. The workshop was divided into four sessions covering methodological issues as well as comparative European demography and political implications, and was accompanied by a social program. The topics of the four sessions were:

  • Session I: Using Sample Data for Mortality Analysis
  • Session II: Comparative Analysis of Health and Mortality Inequalities
  • Session III: Inequalities in Well Being as a Demographic Challenge
  • Session IV: Learning from National Case Studies

The aim of the workshop was threefold: to promote the FACTAGE project within the international research community, to enhance scholarly exchange between official statistics and academia, and to get input for open issues in FACTAGE. Both presentations and discussions contributed substantially to it. FACTAGE will profit greatly from the input given by the experts on its approach to comparative European mortality estimation. Several key findings could be condensed at the end of the workshop.

The self-contained workshop was considered a huge success by many participants, and Statistics Austria received very positive feedback on it. Another FACTAGE workshop will follow in spring 2018. Its purpose is to bring together experts from National Statistical Institutes to apply the methodology to be developed in FACTAGE to estimate differential mortality with their own data.

The programme for the event is available from: