Call for Abstracts: Age and Care Graz 2023: Aging in a Caring Society? Theories in Conversation

Universität Graz

September 20-22, 2023 | University of Graz, Austria

Keynotes: Joan Tronto (University of Minnesota, USA), Stephen Katz (Trent University, Canada), Kelli Stajduhar (University of Victoria, Canada), Amelia DeFalco (University of Leeds)

Call for Abstracts

Thinking aging and care research together can harbor potentials for both fields, enhancing our understanding and fostering critical considerations of aging and caring intergenerationally and interpersonally. In both fields, theories, approaches, models, and methodologies have been developed to discuss different aspects of what it means to live and to age, to give and receive care, and, ultimately, to seek answers to the question of how to live a good and meaningful life until the very end.

Researchers engaging in inter- and transdisciplinary aging and care scholarship are rooted in multiple epistemologies and scientific cultures. They engage in discussions of interpersonal, intergenerational, and environmental justice and equality on social and political levels, and are invested in critical examinations of power relations related to capitalist, neoliberal, and other hegemonic structures. They analyze cultural discourses, representations, practices, and political regimes, looking at individuality, subjectivity, relationality, embodiment and materiality as well as sociopolitical, and environmental concerns. It is research interested in social transformation contributing to a more just and democratic ageing and caring in a heterogeneous society.

This conference teases out the potentials of bringing aging and care research into conversation by asking critical questions: How can aging and care research benefit from each other? What blind spots in the respective discourses become visible by merging them? How do theoretical aspects of aging research relate to care theory and practice, and vice versa? How do lived environments shape the processes of aging and care, and how, in return, do aging and care processes and relations shape our natural as well as imagined surroundings? What contributions to social change can they make in new and existing collaborations with each other?

We welcome papers that highlight significant interactions between aging and care research and call attention to how and where their interdisciplinary paths have led to new ways and genres of understanding, representing, expressing, contesting, and imagining the meanings, practices and cultures of aging, old age, and care.

We encourage participants to address:

  • Narratives and representations of old age and care
  • Intergenerational relationships at the intersections of aging and care
  • Care ethics and old age
  • Social practices of aging and caring
  • Datafication of aging and care as well as implications of digitalization and technologies
  • Social structures, future models, and political and economic perspectives of aging and care

Papers will feature a presentation by its author(s). The paper abstract must include a title, author(s) name(s), and a summary of the research design and findings closely related to the call. This abstract must also be no longer than 250 words.

Posters will be presented in a poster session at the conference. The poster abstract must include a title, author(s) name(s), and a summary of the research design and findings closely related to the call. This abstract must also be no longer than 250 words.

Panels will consist of four papers in conversation with each other, addressing the same theme. Panel abstracts must be submitted by a designated panel chair or a corresponding author and summarize the purpose and contribution of the proposed panel and its authors in no more than 250 words.

Please email your abstract for a paper or poster proposal to and include the words AgeCareGraz23 Paper/Poster/Panel Submission in the subject line of your email. Make sure your document is saved in .doc or .docx formats. The submission must include your name, professional title (e.g. Professor, MA/PhD Candidate, Post Doc researcher), and affiliation (Institution/Organization name and location), as well as the corresponding author’s email address in case of multiple authorship. Presenters may only submit one paper or poster as main author.


Deadlines and Notifications:

Submission for papers and posters starts on January 20, 2023

Paper abstract submissions are due by March 10, 2023.

Notifications will be sent back by April 10, 2023.

Poster abstract submissions are due by March 10, 2023.

Notifications will be sent back by April 10, 2023.

Registration and payment for presenters and attendees opens on April 10, 2023 and closes on June 10, 2023.


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