Cool towns for the elderly – protecting the health of elderly residents against urban heat (STOPHOT)

Cities have a large and increasing elderly population and a high number of those live in poor housing conditions. Heat periods have impacts on urban residents; in particular, the people above 65 years are suffering from the heat stress. The study goal is the reduction of the vulnerability of the elderly living in cities (Vienna) against urban heat. The study develops short- and long-term preventive measures in an inter- and transdisciplinary manner for the in- and outdoors and on an individual and institutional level. It specifically investigates elderly awareness of heat related health risks, perception of heat stress and adaptive behavior avoiding heat impacts and will identify high-risk groups among them. The empirical study will identify gaps between 1) actual and recommended behavior of old people 2) proposed or existing stakeholder health-related strategies and efficacious measures from the public health view.

ACRP 3rd Call. Climate and Energy Fund of the Federal State