Aging, Care, and Migration: 2nd Interdisciplinary Doctoral Symposium (Online)


In the last decades, aging, care, and migration have become central concerns on an individual as well as on a societal level. Highlighting the significance of exchange between disciplines on these topics, the Second Interdisciplinary Doctoral Symposium on Aging, Care and Migration taking place virtually on October 19-20, aims at facilitating the international exchange of PhD students and establishing an early career network of emerging scholars.

We are delighted to announce that the keynote on Day 1 will be given by Prof. Dr. Sandra Torres (Uppsala University, Sweden), leading expert in the field of Social Gerontology and Migration Studies, on “Caring democracy: the role that theoretically-astute understandings of ethnicity and race must play”. Additionally, Prof. Torres will hold a skills workshop on Day 1.

Focusing on the interplay between aging, care, and migration, we welcome contributions by PhD students on Day 2 dealing with topics including but by no means limited to cultural and literary representations of aging, migration, and care, discourses of inclusion, exclusion, and attribution, questions of health and wellbeing, ethics, justice, and equality, intersectionality/intersectional discrimination, marginalization and othering, gender, LGBTQ2S+, ethnicity, (transnational) care migration, or policy development regarding one or more of the above-mentioned topics.

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