Workshop: Tools to support self-determined mobility for people with dementia

eHealth Summit 2017 - Schloss Schönbrunn, Wien, Apothekertrakt und Orangerie

In this workshop, we address the topic of design for and with people with dementia. In particular, we deal with questions about navigation and mobility, and how we can support people with dementia in their self-determination technologically.

The FFG project Way·Key is a cooperation between science and industry partners, in which a new and unconventional technology is to be designed, which aims at encouraging people with dementia to increase confident mobility. At the same time, we try to distance ourselves from current solutions to avoid repeated problems such as conveying the feeling of surveillance or creating highly complex tools.

As part of the Way·Key project, we have been working with people with dementia, professional caregivers, and family members. Based on interviews, focus groups and workshops we developed a set of prototypes to address issues mentioned by participants. These prototypes include tools to help with situations of disorientation, unobtrusive trackers with the least possible privacy intrusions, or strategies to remind users to take their tools along when leaving the house or to recharge them regularly.

After introductory lightning talks from the Way·Key project and the related projects Confidence and SafeMotion , we want to present these prototypes, explore them and conduct an interactive discourse about them with the workshop participants.