PhD Conference: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging and Care: What does it mean to grow old?


This PhD conference aims at discussing age and aging from interdisciplinary perspectives. Contributions are welcome that discuss topics including, but not limited to, images and concepts of age and care, stereotypes of old age, medical/nursing/speculative ethics, dementia, disability, death and dying, intersectionality, marginalization, gender, LGBTQ2S+, “anti-aging,” trans- and posthumanism, life-extension, euthanasia/geronticide, socio-political dimensions of age(ing) and care, narrative medicine, age(ing) and care activism, artistic, cultural and literary representations of age(ing) and care, and questions of the end of life.

By bringing together emerging scholars who address the question of what it means to grow old, the conference aims at shedding light on current research in the field, highlighting the significance of interdisciplinarity in age(ing) and care research. Accordingly, we invite contributions that challenge traditional methods and/or propose new ones that aim at incorporating interdisciplinary aspects at an early research stage. Participants are invited to critically reflect on the meanings of age(ing) and care, and discuss perspectives from a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary point of view, including challenges and developments in academia, social practice, art, and activism.

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