ASTAHG Alpine Space Transnational Governance on Active and Healthy Ageing – Report on the Classification of AHA Stakeholders

Müllauer, A., Kapferer, E., Boehler, C., Geyer, L. & Koch, A.
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European Centre

This report summarizes the work carried out to classify AHA stakeholders and to develop a tool for the identification of actors involved in creating and applying policies as well as in developing initiatives and innovations for AHA in the AS project regions. The stakeholder classification, which is based on the Quadruple Helix approach, is also a prerequisite for Work packages 1 and 3 of the project, to identify and engage with actors across various sectors involved in AHA policies (such as health, long-term care, social services, transport and mobility or culture and tourism); on different levels of decision-making, both vertically (local, regional, national), and horizontally (e.g. planning, implementation, monitoring & evaluation); in different project regions; and representing not just public authorities, but also academia, industry and civil society in a balanced fashion. The report describes the development and design of the classification tool and its pilot-testing before wider roll-out.