Webinar Invitation: IFIC Scotland Integrated Care Matters: Build Back Better Webinar Series


IFIC’s new report, "Realising the true value of integrated care" describes the steps we must take to create a radically different future beyond Covid-19. The report is a powerful call to reset our compass to a new reality based on solidarity and collaboration for population health. IFIC Scotland and partners will explore this new future in series 5 of their Integrated Care Matters webinars. Guest panelists, members of IFICs international Special Interest Groups, will share their experiences and insights and challenge us to design a better future that improves lives and opportunities for all. Each webinar will be accompanied by a topic resource with links to further information. All who register will receive links to the recordings and topic resources.

Upcoming Webinars 2020/21:

Hospice influenced care in community settings – 14th October
Social Prescribing- up close and personal or physically distanced? – 18th November
Age Friendly, Healthy, Connected Communities – 17th February
Community hubs and neighbourhood teams as key integrators – 10th March
Social leadership, collective action and kindness – 14th April
Enhanced supportive, palliative and end of life care – 11th May
Health Literacy and Realistic Medicine – 16th June