Reviewing methods for the economic evaluation of eHealth (HVB eHealth)

A systematic literature review and analysis of use cases to summarise methods for the economic evaluation of eHealth, identify methodological challenges, and discuss their transferability to the Austrian context


As the relevance of eHealth in the provision of healthcare is rapidly increasing, decision makers require information to help them decide which innovations are worthwhile. Economic evaluation of healthcare technologies may provide suitable methods to assess cost and outcomes of eHealth in a comparative fashion, however, the idiosyncrasies of eHealth may pose methodological challenges that need to be addressed adequately.


This study aimed at reviewing current methods for the economic evaluation of eHealth and identified methodological challenges, together with potential solutions. In addition, we reviewed a number of use cases, where eHealth applications have been implemented in patient care elsewhere in Europe, with a particular view on related decision-making processes.


  • Systematic literature review
  • Analysis of use cases

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Methodological recommendations for the economic evaluation of eHealth applications in Austria 2018

Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions (HVB)

Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions (HVB)